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The Ancient Greeks created coins to commemorate historic events, to immortalize gods and goddesses, and to honor great leaders. With a nod to those original works of coin artistry, Konstantino celebrates significant icons from Greek’s rich mythological history with replications of ancient tender.


Gemstone N/A

Material Sterling Silver & Copper

Size One Size

1. LEYKANIA 375 b.C. Distater Head of Athens wearing crested Attic helmet with Scylla.

2. Syracuse 395-380 b.C. Decadrachmon Head of Arethusa around four dolphins. R.: (SYRAKOSION) ΣΥΡΑΚΟΥΣΙΩΝ.

3. Thrace , Lysimachus 306-281 B.C Tetradrachmon. Head of Alexander the Great

4. RHODES 375 B.C. Gold Stater Facing head of Hellios (Apolo)

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Any piece of jewelry will retain its beauty and last longer if properly cared for. Simply cleaning a piece of jewelry can make it look like new. Periodic inspection and maintenance of jewelry helps prevent costly repairs or replacements. Look for loose or chipped stones, worn links, bent prongs, or malfunctioning clasps. If a problem is found, the piece should be sent in for repair to prevent more extensive damage or loss. Konstantino jewelry should only be repaired at our repair centers. Our facilities are designed for Konstantino jewelry, and highly experienced professional jewelers will handle each repair.

To find out how to deliver your piece for repair, please contact CustomerService@KONSTANTINO.com.

It is our experience that a jeweler unfamiliar with Konstantino jewelry can do more harm than good. We will repair any piece of our jewelry, but poor craftsmanship by an unauthorized jeweler is considered damage and may add to the cost of the repair.


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