In celebration of the 110th anniversary of Rolls-Royce's iconic flying lady hood ornament, Konstantino has become a chosen participant amongst an elite group of international luxury lifestyle brands as a feature in the annual Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club's publication titled Strive for Perfection.

Inspired by Maria Callas, each design holds opulent qualities in rich silk hammered 18k yellow gold that transcends the icons' raw artistic spirit.

Konstantino x Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club


Fine jewellery brand Konstantino blends themes and motifs from ancient Greek and contemporary culture, always to striking effect.

THE COMBINATION OF character, heritage and music have been the source of inspiration for the Greek jeweller Konstantino for nearly 25 years. Founder and designer Konstantino Sioulas has always placed Greek culture at the heart of the brand’s identity. With his current collection, named Callas after the American-born Greek soprano, he has chosen to immortalize a real-life contemporary goddess with a fusion of finely worked, raffinate gold designs and precious stones. Like Tosca, one of the diva’s most celebrated roles, the Callas collection consists of three acts. The first, Call Me Callas, is inspired by the singer’s temperament, her resilience, charisma and perfectionism. “The Call Me Callas Collection consists of a variety of jewellery that make a strong statement visually, but are lightweight to wear,” says Konstantino. Tahitian black pearls, black diamonds and Swiss blue topaz are set in 18-karat gold bangles, earrings and stackable rings. Act two, La Callas, is dedicated to the singer’s onstage persona. “This collection is inspired by the metamorphosis of a modern woman, the awakening of the inner diva,” says Konstantino. “It embraces the attributes that make each customer special, celebrating qualities that women already have but don’t yet have the means to express.” A curve of black diamonds set in a hammered yellow gold earring recalls the shape and beauty of Maria Callas’s trademark kohl-lined eyes and adds the glitter of the stage lights. The designer describes the final act, simply called Maria, as “everyday wearable luxury pieces that adapt to any occasion”. They are reminiscent of Maria Callas’s natural, effortless elegance. “Creating the Callas collection at Konstantino,” says Konstantino, “with designs that have deep roots in artisanal craftsmanship and heritage, gave us creative freedom – a fresh profile.”

The brand’s latest muse is Astria, the breath of innocence, purity and precision. Her youthful appeal would chime with today’s influencers like fashion icon Rihanna, who has worn Konstantino at numerous red-carpet events, and Billie Eilish, who has recently been spotted wearing Konstantino’s K-designs. The Astria Collection aims to speak to a strong, young, future-focused generation and to blur the lines between men’s and women’s jewellery. The pieces included in this collection combine on-trend with traditional elements. Rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants are produced in all kinds of shapes and a variety of structures using a more versatile geometrical approach. The Aquamarine and Blue Spinel stones give the illusion of waves adding a soft edginess to the character of the collection. “Astria is a stepping stone for the evolution of our jewellery,” says Konstantino. “She symbolizes the ideals, which we aspire to pass on to current and future generations, through unique, timeless and youthful designs.” The highly skilled artisans of the Konstantino atelier create his rings and bracelets entirely by hand from exquisite sterling silver, mixed with 18-karat gold, using traditional techniques and often piercing them with complex ajouré work. Some of them have worked with the designer since he founded the business in 1983 and they are all still based at the same atelier in Athens where Konstantino started. For the designer himself, the process of making his creations by hand – from his earliest sketches to the finished product – is essential to making jewellery with a soul and imbuing it with history. “The detail, the intricate engraving,” says Konstantino, “all the knowledge that comes from my heritage comes into our jewellery.

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