About Konstantino

About Konstantino

From the Beginning

Prior to the height of his career, Konstantinos Sioulas started working in the jewelry industry in Hydra, Greece in the early 80’s. Building nearly 10 years of experience working with fine jewelry in crucial fields, from production to sales, he was equipped with the proper tools to build what is now a homage to the house of Konstantino.

In 1993 launched the birth of Konstantino. Staying true to his Greek roots, Konstantinos drew inspiration from his passion for Ancient Greek History, Music and Fine Art giving character and sophistication to the identity of the brand and design process.

Creating his vision, along with his family he opened his headquarters for production and design in Athens, Greece where still today is based. After his success in the USA the brand opened its flagship store in the historical center of Athens, Greece and most recently Mykonos. Continuing to have to an established presence and strong connection in the European and Asian market you can now find Konstantino products in over 10 countries worldwide.

About the Workshop

The K-designs are curated piece by piece in our artisanal atelier in Athens, Greece. The process of creating such unique designs consists of different procedures with experienced goldsmiths and craftsmen taking care of a different part of the design according to their specialization. Methods like the ajoure technique of cutting patterns into metal and stone cutting, exude the artisanal craftsmanship that makes Konstantino one of a kind. The delicate yet complicate structure of the jewelry, with the detailed engravings and the sculpture effects, is the evidence of the hard-work and love put into the creation of the collections as well as of their authenticity, character and product- wise.

About Konstantino

"Our jewelry is made with love and passion. It is made for you."

The New K-ERA

Konstantino has managed to maintain a strong presence as a world brand to this day. Understanding the diversity of the modern fashion landscape, the brand introduced the new K-Era. Since the Fall of 2019, the brand strives to evolve collection by collection always keeping it original through drawing inspiration from the sources that have always made him unique, the Greek cultural heritage. The brand opened a new universe, having as a landmark for this new beginning the first chapter of the Callas Collection, “Call me Callas”. Still maintaining the structure, Konstantino keeps introducing designs that are more adaptable than ever, showing a fresh profile that could be approached by all ages and a diverse range of stylish characters, thus embracing the attributes that make each of our customers special.

What was just an aspiration 25 years ago has now become a home for fine jewelry, a bold ode to unique craftsmanship, driven from his origin.

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